Naked 705 CB MH Glass/Composite

705 CB- 

Who doesn’t love catching bass while deep cranking? There’s something awesome about feeling the rod suddenly load up with the weight of a hefty largemouth, smallmouth, or spot on the other end. Unfortunately, the biggest problem here can be with actually landing the fish. When a bass is hooked at the end of a long cast in deep water, you need a soft rod to keep those trebles from pulling out during the prolonged battle. Lucky for you, our 705 CB offers the perfect blend of feel and cushioning that only our MAXUMFIBER composite blanks can deliver.

Rod Specs
Rod Type Casting Crankbaits
Powell Rod Class Naked Series
Model Naked 705 CB MH Glass/Composite
Length 7'0"
Power Medium Heavy
Power Rating 5
Line Weight 10-20 lbs.
Lure Weight 1/4-1 oz.
Action Mod-Fast
Handle Type 2
Handle Length 10