Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:​ I broke my Powell I need to send back the entire rod? Answer:​ The entire rod ​must​ be sent to us if you are claiming a manufacturing defect. We do not accept photos, etc of the broken rod in this case.

QUESTION: My rod broke but I only fished with it a few times….what do I do? Answer:​ Please refer to the warranty section of the website for all warranty guidelines and instructions. After that, if you still feel your rod was defective, please send the entire rod to us. We are unable to determine warranty outcomes over the phone or via email.

QUESTION:​ Do I need to register my rod in order to have it warrantied? Answer:​ No, we do not require any registration. QUESTION:​ Who pays to ship the rod back if it seems to be defective? Answer:​ You the consumer pays for shipping to the Powell warehouse for inspection.

QUESTION:​ Can I return a broken rod to a local retailer? Answer:​ You can contact the store where you purchased the rod and ask if they will exchange the rod for you at the warranty fee.

QUESTION:​ Do I really have to cut my rod into two pieces in the middle of the Powell logo? Answer:​ Yes! This must be done when you are filing a warranty claim that is not claiming manufacturing defect.

QUESTION:​ My tube and product was damaged upon arrival….what now? Answer:​ Please refuse the shipment and contact us immediately. If you were unable to refuse the shipment, please let us know within seven days of receiving the item.

QUESTION:​Where can I buy a Powell rod? Answer:​ Click on the dealer page for retail locations or you can order rods here on our website.

QUESTION:​ Can I get a replacement section for my broken fly rod? Answer:​ No, we only replace entire rods.

QUESTION:​ Is a lost or stolen rod able to be replaced under warranty? Answer:​ No.

QUESTION:​Can you send me a free sticker or some free apparel? Answer:​ No, but you can purchase decals, apparel, and other Powell gear here on our website.

QUESTION:​ Do you have a pro staff? Will you sponsor me or an event? Answer:​ We are happy to look at any and all pro staff/sponsorship requests, however there is limited availability. Please visit the “Pro Staff” page of our website to start your request.