Original Owner Online Warranty Form

To establish a reasonable time frame for evaluating a manufacturing defect, we need to take into account several variables. These include the type of product, its expected lifespan, and the manufacturer's warranty policy. Generally, a manufacturing defect should manifest itself within a reasonable time frame after the purchase of the product. This time frame can range under normal load conditions to instant to within a few months, depending on the product, maybe a bit longer. Ultimately, the determination of a reasonable time frame should be based on the specific circumstances of each case.

As one of the oldest rod companies in this industry, we believe in providing excellent service and warranty to our customers. Therefore, we have made it even easier for you to file a warranty claim through us. All Powell rods have a personalized manufacturing serial number. Please include that in your online photos, just like the one in the picture, in order to file a warranty claim. Specific older versions of Powell rods qualify for our warranty; here’s how it works.

Warranty Rod Model Swapping:  Keep in mind we do not replace other rod models with different rod models. For example, if you break a 702 MLEF spinning rod and want a 714 MHEF spin rod, or if you broke a 765 SBR CF and want a 734 CF, we won't interchange rod models. There are cases when we are out of stock and we can look at options.

 LINK:  https://powellco.com/pages/warranty-fees-and-instructions