Online Warranty Form



1. FILE YOUR CLAIM ONLINE: We will replace your Powell Rod with either a Naked or Endurance rod, you decide. This includes all Max designs. Inferno rods will be included as long as they have a Date of Manufacture of 2018 or higher. 

Follow these steps.

  • Upload pictures and pay the claim.
  • Naked Rod Warranty Cost: $110.00. 
  • Endurance Rod Warranty Cost: $100.00
  • If we don't have that rod in stock, then we will explore options with you to get it done. 

2. You may take it back to the dealer where you purchased it. They can choose to replace your rod or not.  

3. FLY ROD CUSTOMERS: FLY RODS: We do not replace pieces on fly Rods, we only replace the entire rod. 

4. If you think your rod is a defective rod, which to us means that you used the rod a handful of times, under pressure, load etc., if it breaks because of a defect, by all means please feel free to send into us.  



   Original Owner Warranty Fees and Options

All Max rod designs
Endurance Rod
Naked Rod
Legacy XL Fly, Sweet-P Fly, 3D Carbon Ultra-Lights
Certain Inferno Rods (Inferno 5Yr from D.O.M., (A18 & higher) are covered Limited Lifetime
 Diesel Rods: NO WARRANTY
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