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*You must be the Original Owner and provide a Proof of Purchase in order to file CERTAIN warranty claims. Please read below.

If you are registered with us, there's a good chance we have that info.

*FLY RODS: We do not replace pieces on fly Rods, we only replace the entire rod.*

 1.FILE YOUR CLAIM ONLINE: Upload pictures, proof of purchase and pay the claim. If you cannot provide the necessary information, we will not warranty your item(s) even if you do a transaction at this price. You may however, use the Max Upgrade Option if you don't have your proof of purchase. This also applies to Endurance rod customers.

2. You may take it back to the dealer where you purchased it. They can choose to replace your rod based upon their inventory.   The CLAIM through the store is $75.00. 

3.If you think your rod is a defective rod, which to us means "NEW and "Barely Used" then please feel free to mail it into us but you will need to meet the Warranty Criteria.  LINK: 

Warranty Fees and Options
Original Owner Warranty Fees and Options

Endurance Rods Only

Naked Rods Only

& Inferno Rods Only

(Inferno 5Yr from D.O.M., (A17) and higher) are covered Limited Lifetime

Limited Lifetime Warranty




Also available to:

  • Non Max Rod Customers Upgrade
  • Customers without Proof Of Purchase for any Previously offered and warranted Powell Rod.


Limited Lifetime Warranty $140.00 Replacement Fee
Legacy XL Fly, Sweet-P Fly, 3D Carbon Ultra-Lights    Limited Lifetime Warranty










Mistake/Nusance Rods 
 No Warranty


Diesel No Warranty

No Warranty No Warranty



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