Endurance 7116 CB Glass/Comp Hvy Mod Fast

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For the longest casts with the largest crankbaits, our 7116 CB is an absolute beast. This rod can achieve eye-popping distance with the deepest divers, yet the flex and design ensures maximum fishability with minimal fatigue. Since it comes in at just under 8’0” in length, this powerful cranking stick can still fit inside many rod boxes—but once you fish this rod, it probably won’t be spending much time in there.

Rod Specs
Rod Type Casting Crankbait Rods
Technique / Application Big Cranks, Traps, Swimbaits
Length 7’11”
Power Heavy
Power Rating 6
Line Weight 12-20 lb.
Lure Weight 1/2-3 oz.
Action Mod-Fast
Weighs 3.7 oz.